Tuesday, 25 August 2020

playing netball on saturday evening .

 Playing netball on saturday 


On Saturday morning me,cousins, brothers, uncles,aunties, went to have breakfast .

On the table was bread,pizza bread,long bread, cups, and the teapot we took each .

Cup from the table and started pouring the tea and coffee , after we ate we went.

Inside to play after we played we went outside to  check the food for dinner after.

That we went outside to play netball my cousin's name was noa and her sister’s name. Pauline and my cousins played netball until our parents told us to .come

And eat so the kids inside and the kids outside came to their parents some of the.

Kids did not sit next to their parents because they wanted to sit next to their siblings .

When we sat down we did a prayer after the prayer. We started eating and then I looked. At the food on the food was the crab,shrimp, fish,cooked sheep , lobster tails,

After we ate we went to play volleyball instead of netball l hit first  before my cousins 

They did hit the ball but it went over the fence where our parents are they said to go inside. We all went inside and we watched a scary movie called Scream 4. In the movie. The killer keeps on killing the people but in the end was funny because the.

Auntie's daughter was the killer and the boy of the girl's best friend was the killer they 

Kept on killing until the aunty shocked the daughter in law because she was going to Stab the aunty but then the aunty took the gun from the man and shot her from the

Back. The End after that i went outside and played with my little baby cousin .

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  1. Hi Pauline, I thought that your work is very good. Your work is nice and neat. I hope that you keep up that good work Pauline.