Thursday, 11 June 2020

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Monday, 30 March 2020

having are walk with my brother and aunt .

One hot day l decided to go for are walk with my aunt ,and my brother, his name is setaleki he is the .
Little one in our famliy we were walking and when we were walking we saw people wearing mask.
We were just doing warms up when they walk past us we were just talking about how they were .
Wearing the mask after we talked we keep walking after that we felt the wind coming so we stop to.
Get warm so when we got warm we keeped walking an till it rain we waited when it stopped and.
Waited for the rain to stop and when it stop we sit down because we were tired and we wanted to go.
Home but we had to exercise we keep on walking and then we were tired my aunt said lets go .
Because we won't make it so lets go and then we go l was looking at my brother he was just .
Laughing at me l was just ignoring him my aunt was just walking like me we and my aunt can't stop.
Laughing after that we went for are rest on the chair after that l remember my aunt said don't give up.
I told her lets go see the sea or park she said park l said okay my brother was just happy we went .
There l shouted yeah this is the best day ever my aunt said don't do that you might make people.
Mad after we went to the park we went home my mum asked did you have fun yes l said it was.
Amazing she smile my aunt wanted to watch tonga stuff she told me if l can do it l did it and my.
Dad and mum was eating after that she said do that one l did it and my mum and dad went outside.
I was just watching with her after that l felt going sleep but l didn't l just pretend l was sleeping after.
That l went to sleep and l for got to kiss my mum and dad before l sleep l kissed them l went to my.
Bedroom l just did not want to go sleep l just went to say night to my brothers when l went there .
They were fighting l just knocked on the door and then they listen and they said bye and l said bye .
My aunt said bye to l just laugh and go when l sleep l prayed for the cov 19 to go away after that l .
Went to sleep l felt going to the toilet l went and l went there and come back l was just sleepy but l.
Went to my bedroom l saw my brother 's cat sating on my bed l took him off l went to wash my hand.
And l went to sleep after that l said bye to my story after that l sleep. 

Friday, 27 March 2020

brain stroms,

Hi my name is pauline this picture is about our celebration on Friday we were.
Having fun on Friday because it was all about the bishops the bishops were coming.
To see our school and we had to make are song for them and a dance for them and everyone.
We started practise on Monday when we came down it was Hot and cold when could not stay.
At on the floor because it was hot and everybody wanted to go back but we had to do the songs.
We all sing the songs and wanted for the dancer to come the first group dancer's first was Fiji they.
Were quiet and then when the song came up the children's Mums came people start shouting to them.
Go mele and there were readers too after the Fiji's finished the samons went second some people.
Were going and dancing and then they did the dance faster and people keep making sounds and .
Cheering for them and then the Tonga's group came that group was only boys there was two boys.
Who got cheered by there parents the Tonga students shouted and l shouted to l went like go boys.
And all l can hear is the boys at the back of me shouting mate ma Tonga for life and some people .
Were claping and shouting after the dance the readers said Thank you all for coming now may the.
Students go to there class please , thank you , may you all have a good day.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

My Writing

My Rose
I like this flower because it has green seeds and flowers.
l like the colour Pink.That's why I chose this flower.
Because it is wonderful and beautiful and it is rose l like roses.
And flowers they have wonderful things inside them and when you
look inside it, it looks like are circle going around the rose. 
Every time I look at it I always have to smile every time.
It always makes me laugh but when someone comes l just smile at them with the.
Rose and every time I see someone I always want to laugh.
When they go l go and every time I walk by I always see them.
Sunshine and moonlight when I touch it smells like lollies when l go.
I saw it growing at my house when l was dancing and it was growing when the rain kept coming.

When l got tired l went back and sat down waiting for it to grow even more.

My weekend writing

My Weekend
Image result for Kelly Tarltons
On the weekend we went to the Kelly Tarltons.
My favourite part was when I saw the stripy fishes pass by.
I saw a Turtle and I felt sad because I saw a video on
YouTube and it was about a Turtle. The Turtle was on land
and it was struggling to get to the ocean. 

Well I saw a lot of sea animals. My favourite animal was
a Penguin because I think it’s special. Shark’s looked
cool. I wanted to ride one and ride a Dolphin. Soon then
I saw a stingray that looked like a kite. I soon then saw
fish that was fat and spiky. 

My adventure soon came to an end.
I was sad that I can’t stay any longer.
I had a great day and I wanted to stay but I can't
because I have something else to do.

My Holiday Writing

My Holiday Writing
During the holidays, Dad, Mum, Aunty, my little brother and I went to the beach. We wanted to jump in the water with our swimming togs on so my brother and I went first and then my mum, then my dad and then my aunty.

We had so much fun on the beach and after that we had a Barbeque with bread, and Soda, it was super delicious, I would rather have it every day for dinner. We played with the sand and it was satisfying but after a while the sand got so hot it was like a desert so we went back into the car and back home.

After our rest, I thanked my mum and dad for taking my brother, aunty and I to the beach. I had a blast at the beach with my brother and aunty. I also thanked my aunty for coming with us and for entertaining me and my brother at the beach. I can’t wait for the other holiday to come so we can go to other and different places.